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Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance making the measurements for your new cabinet doors or drawers in Charlotte.

How do I determine the exact dimensions of the door or drawer front I would need to order?

If you do not know the exact dimensions, the following information will help you through the process of measuring properly and calculating the correct formula to properly size the doors needed. We are here to help!

It is always better to measure twice for accuracy and to double check your measurements. We reduce everything down to decimals so we added this handy caculator for you to easily convert the math.


Examples shown of the two basic types, a view of the openings and how to get the correct measurements for each product.




Measuring Your Door and Drawer Openings

When ordering...... openings are always measured width then height.


1. When measuring width, measure from left to right starting with the inside edge of the left cabinet to the inside edge of the right cabinet. Then, add one inch.
 (A) + (B) + 1" = ________total width of door, now convert to decimals  

2. When measuring the height, start at the bottom inside edge and measure to the top inside edge. Then Add, one inch
  (C) + (D) +1" = _______total height of door, now convert to decimals  

Double Doors

Double Doors (example shown) designed with a 1 /2" overlay,

For Height: Measure the same as listed above, start at the bottom inside edge and measure to the top inside edge. Then Add, ONE inch.

For Width: Measure from left to right starting with the inside edge of the left side of the cabinet to the inside edge of the right side of the cabinet. Then ADD 1", divide by 2, then subtract 1/16" this will be the size of EACH door.

____ to ____ +1" divided by 2 =____ then subtract .0625=_________ finished size of each door

Example of Double Doors~ If using standard 1/2' overlay and cabinet opening is 33''x 27"

Door Width: 16 15/16" and Door Height: 28"


Note: REQUIRED Minimum Depth on Cabinet is 3" to allow for hidden hinges to work.

Hinge Boring

Our hinge drilling procedure is meant for Concealed European style hinges.  The door will be drilled at the standard placement of 3.625 for either face frame or frameless based on its size, unless otherwise noted. The standard placement for this type of boring is 3 5/8" from the top or bottom of the door no matter what the length of the door is, However our standard is to add a middle hinge at 48" door length or longer.

Standard Boring


Example Of Drawer Box


Measuring Your Drawer Box

Measure your drawers in a similar way, removing them first to make measuring easier.

1. Subtract 1" from the opening width for your drawer box. You may need to subtract more depending on the glides you choose.
2. Subtract at least 1/2" from the opening height.
3. Measure the depth of your cabinet, being certain to check for obstructions like water or gas pipes. Typical cabinet depth is 24".